Tạp chí Nghiên cứu Địa lý nhân văn, S. 1 (2013)

Cỡ chữ:  Nhỏ  Vừa  Lớn

Liên kết vùng trong phát triển du lịch ở khu vực Bắc miền Trung: ý tưởng tiếp cận và gợi ý chính sách

Trần Ngọc Ngoạn, Hà Huy Ngọc

Tóm tắt

Many solutions to exploit tourism potential of North Central Coast also have been studied sofar. In this article, the author states that to promote tourism strengths in north of Central region, itis necessary to develop a strategy linking the regional tourist activities. Specifically, there aresome policy suggestions as follows: enhancing awareness on regional economic linkages for theleaders in the North Central Coast provinces; building a socio-economic development strategy;specific strategy for the region's tourism sector and a common tourism space for the NorthCentral region. The North Central Coast will become tourist destinations not only Vietnam butalso the region and the world as well. In particular, with regard to the policy on specific strategyfor the North Central Coast tourism, the author emphasizes that it is essential to make linkages inthe development and implementation of policies for tourism development and regional touristproducts, the implementation of joint programs and projects in the region.. It is hoped that,tourism in North Central region will better off and make full use of its advantages to become akey tourism development region in the country./.    

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